Friday, March 23, 2007

bye bye little jon

Today i am leaving for L.A. leaving little sweetie behind... so i can bring home the bacon. luckily i booked my flight wrong... like in yesterday at 6:15 am! so i got to spend a few more hours sleeping telling jon how much of a hero he is. I don't know anyone who is ever excited to go to L.A. southern california....yes. love it. and you think it a girls dream to shop for 8 hours a day all weekend... but it will be good. and SUNNY..
Biking has been so good. the trails are pure love. sad to leave them for the weekend..
And big announcement... I have a new nephew!!! first one on my side. Amelia did such an amazing job as well as her sidekick Colty. 28 hours of not so much fun partying and he finally came.. Holden David Soelberg. 9lbs. 15 oz. 22'' long. i love him.. and i think he already loves me.. pictures to come. he is the handsomest baby.

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BillieJean said...

Congrats Auntie Shelby! That is very exciting. However,I am sad you are going to be gone this weekend, I wanted to hang with you guys. We need to set up a craft date again! And I think its rude that you have so much fun with out me riding bikes:( Oh well, someday I'll be as cool as you...hopefully.