Sunday, April 15, 2007


We just got back from Moab today... it was a girls trip + jon and paul. It was so beautiful. We are so lucky to have all this beauty to enjoy. We rode our bikes all day saturday... and i would have to say we all did pretty good.

We were lucky the boys were there... we had a saggy baggy... tent. girls trips are always fun. we don't think about things like the tent having all the right parts before we bring it and try to set it up at midnight in the dark. the boys can make everything work... that doesn't...ohhh.

it's been fun being all granola this weekend. the goal for biking this summer= 50 miles on my mountain bike...on mountain terrain. can't wait. my legs are already dead.

this week= be more creative. time to re-do the store. it's going to be fun.

more pictures to come of the girls.


jrussoel said...

nice white trash farmer tans... huh.

becky said...

shelby....may not remember me, but i come in to the store a lot! i was blog "surfing" and found yours, random. thanks for always being so sweet to me! see you soon.

dannicci said...

So you two need to try out for amazing race, Dan and I used to think we could win until we met you. Look into it!

BillieJean said...

look how cute you guys are in your tank tops!