Sunday, May 27, 2007

weber grill

if you only knew what we went through to get this grill.
those of you who really know me...
know that if i get my mind stuck on something...
there is no turning back.
but of course it doesn't matter now
it is finally with us.

it is a beauty.
although this one is quite handsome
ours is a different color
i'd say a little better color
we had our first BBQ last night
it was a success
perfectly cooked veggies and shrimpies

and jon... is a dang good bbq man.


BillieJean said...

What??! I am offended Shelb. There better be a good explanation as to why we were not invited to this bbq shindig.

I'm waiting....

Suzanne said...

Oh la la. That's a mighty fine looking bbq. Have fun with that this summer!

Ann Dee said...

Congrats, Shelb! Cam and I have been trying to pick out a grill for about a month. Buy big? Buy small? Silver? Black? Four burners? Side burners? Finally we went out last night and bought a thirty dollar charcoal number. It'll do for now. When we want a dELuxE BBq we'll have to come over.

Oh, and btw, we got the Soel postcard. So funny and appropriate.

j+s said...

ann dee i am so glad you got one.. and liked it!
yeah.. deciding on a bbq stinks... and i was ready to go get a cheap one. but jon said no. but you just feel like... why does this cost this much money?
we will have you over soon.