Saturday, May 19, 2007


i love weekends.
this weekend i get to celebrate graduating from college
it took me a bit and some..

i am trying to dejunk my house
keep only things i currently love
and then work on my house
we are getting wood floors soon
can't wait!!!

i really want to work on my house more
so much of my creativity time goes to
the store.
which is also fun and great to do...


Chelsea Anne said...

I didn't know that you were in school. YOu must of been super busy. Congrats.

Whats you email and I will send you an invite to my blog.

j+s said...

BillieJean said...

Looks like that font screwed you again. Sorry

BillieJean said...

Shelby! Everything on your page, except this weekend post is in symbols. Wow, my computer really sucks A.