Saturday, June 30, 2007

white trash hot jon

this is jon.
i think jon is hot.

i also think jon is oh so fun.

and funny.

and enjoyable to be around.

today jon cleaned our whole house...
(pretty much).

and that made me so HAPPY!!!

i love jon.


Chelsea Anne said...

In case you didn't hear, it's a pool party for Sunday School today. I just thought Jon would like to get his outfit ready.

p.s. My blog is open again for a minute, so you can come.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shelby why must you torture me with sideways photos? (hehe). Your husband truly is WT.

j+s said...

I'm makin everyday a pool party this summer... my levi cut-offs are gonna see a lot of daylight this year... which also means my upper thighs are gonna see a lot of daylight this year. win win.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh thank you for rotating the picture!

nicole said...

killer thighs jon!