Wednesday, June 18, 2008

what am i doing?

owen is the best thing that has ever happened to us...
as most parents i am sure feel.

but i do sit here tonight... this morning? it is 3:30 a.m.
and ponder about what i am doing...
not, what am i doing right now-why am i sitting on the computer at this time of day/night???

but...what am i doing? am i a good mother... am i being creative... a good citizen...a good wife... a good friend.

i don't think you should think about things like that at 3:30 a.m.

i should go crawl back in bed and try to sleep. it sometimes is hard to go back to sleep once you have woken up.
i am amazed at how my body/mind has been able to handle lack of sleep the last few months.

although i have to say... owen sleeps pretty good.. 8-4:30 (usually) and back to sleep at 5:00 til 7 or 8.
i guess if i was a bit tougher and let him cry, he might sleep 7-7. i am not though. his crying breaks me.
so i am happy with his sleep. for now.. at least.

oh yeah.. on the store... we are having a PARTY.. i mean it like PARTAY!!!!

millie created this flyer. SHE is creative. and good.

i own a store... i get to be creative there. but i am wanting to do something more...
but time is an issue.

i want owen to hold my time now... so later i can learn something new.


nicole said...

Ya, no one should be thinking those things at that hour! Then you'll never go back to bed. You are all those things Shelby! I always admired you for your creativeness and you were a great friend and neighbor. I am still sad that we are not neighbors during our baby stage. Bummer. We miss you guys and hope you do come down in August! I think we are not coming up until fall.

Kristy said...

Hey, You are great! It was so fun to see little Owen. I can't wait till he gets bigger and can rough up Taryn. Love you! Kris

sarah marie. said...'re doing exactly what you need to be doing. being a good mother.

mia said...

Shelby, you are amazing and all those things! I sure miss working for you- especially after experiencing the corporate world in NYC! Congrats again on precious Owen!

Anonymous said...

I think you are such a creative person and I know you're being a great mom to little Own. Just enjoy this time with him, it's goes so fast and you forget how precious they are and how much they really need you.

ps. I'm thinking of starting a play group again so let me know if you're interested in coming.