Sunday, June 1, 2008

what in the heck are we doing....

so... we are cave dwellers... and every once in awhile we come out.
very rarely.
we have been getting back on our feet, although i have to say, i love how simple things have been
wake up, feed, clean, change diapers, rock, breathe, feed, change diapers... la la la.
owen is the best thing that has ever happened to us. we are so happy.

we went to st. george the day after mothers day with our friends jp and brit.
owen did so good. slept the whole way down and back.
jon suprised me with a trip to the green valley spa... i got pampered... so sweet.

we had fun swimming and biking and relaxing...
jon is a hot dad

brittany and i biking

we also had owen's blessing last sunday
it was so sweet...

and... i had a happy happy birthday.

my parents put up a big A sign on our patio...
cobin made me a dang good key lime pie

jon and owen spent the day with me... just doing whatever i wanted to do...
like breakfast at sundance... matinee movie... dinner w/colton, millie and holden at P712

life is good


nicole said...

Happy late birthday shelby. And I love the shot of you two with Owen at the baby shower! It is so cute how he is looking up at you. That baby boy is so cute.

Cardon & Kelly Webb said...

Owen is darling. It looks like you are doing really well. This is Kelly Pyne incase you didn't know. Best wishes.

Suzanne said...

Happy belated birthday Shelby! Your little boy just gets cuter and cuter! You look so great (as always). So fun that you guys got to go down south.

millie said...

What a nice update. How nice to get pampered at the spa. What a good surprise.

The shade umbrella looks like a great asset to the you think it would be a big help with how we have it set up now?

nicole said...

He is absolutely handsome. And I hear you on the "cave dweller" thing. That's hilarious. Life as a cave woman does end though. And he is one darn handsome little guy. Enjoy him while he's so teeny.

-Nicole Pedersen