Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jon

A few of the many things I love about Sweet Sweet Jon:
-he is so happy and makes us SO happy
-we have a lot of fun together
-he is THE best father... Owen is so great(due to his father)
-he makes friends with everyone
-he is easy going (opposite of me-i am picky)
-he can fix anything
-he is passionate about life(good at everything he does-except maybe wiping the counters)
-he loves me! (still!!!) 
-he can melt my heart...

Happy Birthday Jon!  

You make life so good.  


Scott & Adie said...

Happy Birthday Jon! We are birthday buddies, too bad we are not around to celebrate all together... We miss having you as our neighbor, you are incredible! Happy Birthday!!

nicole said...

oh no .... that was me, costow, not scott and adie! I am on my parents computer right now.

p.s. give owen a squeeze from me!

Professor Plum said...

thank you so much costow! i miss having you guys around. i forgot that we were birfday buddies with you guys being in another state and all. yours is the 15th right? happy birfday to you too!!

sarah marie. said...

happy birthday jon!

hardings said...

Very sweet Shelbs, your a good wife and admirable mother!

kt said...

happy birthday jon! sorry we spaced it. hope it was a good one! procs

Sarah said...

Shelby.....I'm ready for a new post (no offense Jon). Actually....don't worry about the post, just call me.

jill said...

Well happy bday Jon, sorry I am a little late!