Monday, March 22, 2010


i have not been a great blogger.  i have been a little over it.  but i really do enjoy seeing what other people are up to and their cute families... so i am going to try to do a little better. we will see.  but i also decided to give my blog a theme.  for now on it will be a blog of gratitude.  i am wondering how long it will last :)  but i think it would be good for me.  

so today... monday... 
i am grateful to go celebrate our sweet nephews 3rd birthday.  
owen loves holdie.  
i am also grateful for the nice weather.
and our cruiser bike ride last night at dusk.  owen was in heaven. 
so were we.

happy monday

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Tanner + his girls said...

i love blogs like that, it will be so uplifting to peek and see what your grateful for. i love you and your little family and am looking forward to seeing of yous through the blog world xoxoxo's.