Thursday, August 26, 2010


this summer has been so great. i can hardly believe it is coming to a close. owen and i played really hard outside,up until baby jane was born... riding up the canyon to the water fall, hikes, parks, swimming- lot's of time with friends.... poor kid didn't know what was about to hit him :) we've been inside a little more. still lots of playing.
jane has been such a sweet addition to our family. and owen is trying hard to be a good brother.
jon has been racing mtn bikes each week, and we have had fun watching. he did SUPER good. pics to come. i have been able to ride my bikes the last few weeks. feels like heaven... i love it.
life is good.


kory and rachael said...

yay for riding bikes fast again :) your family is gorgeous.

Kat said...

what a sweet picture. thanks for the glimpse into how things are going. miss ya!

Rachel Swan said...

so sweet. sela had the hardest time adjusting after graham is born, i'm happy to hear that it's going well for you + your little family!