Saturday, October 8, 2011

family + journals

So... all. year. long.  i have been thinking about writing more in a journal or blogging more and making it into a book.  Have i done it. NO.  I am really bummed about it.  Will i start?  I don't know.  But i will at least know, at this moment... i thought really HARD and long about it... and hopefully this is the tipping point for me. I feel that memories, stories and family pictures are sacred.  AND i cherish and adore my children.  I hope from now on, i can get on top of it, make a habit of recording things better... AND just do it.  My Goal is to have ALL pictures from marrying jon up until now in some sort of book by the first of next year. WHAT?!  ha ha.  We will see.  I truly mean that. We will see... lots and lots and lots of great photos.  This is going to be exciting!


Kory and Rachael said...

i make a book throughout the year every year on with pictures and i write a bit about it...trips, birthdays, etc. then you can print it off at the same time every year. just an option.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Have you read my latest blog post...a month ago, saying I would start posting EVERYDAY! Ha! I'm ridiculous!