Monday, April 23, 2007

I got it!!!

i got the couch... and the chair
i am so excited
it is so fun to create
spaces that you love to be in.
it is also...
nice to find ways to express

we painted the kitchen on saturday
it turned out perfect...
after lots of not so perfect colors
it is this gray color that i am
typing in...

And soon......
we will have dark wood
floors that will look
good with our new
couch and chair
and all of our new paint colors

Thank you jon... for helping
and for being excited too


dannicci said...

I need to stop by and see all these new sweet treats! What color of chair and couch? Jon came by today and was telling us you painted the kitchen grey, Dan has been trying to convince me to paint ours dark grey. I want to see yours. Maybe I will come by tomorrow neighbor.

BillieJean said...

That is very exciting! You are very lucky. Have fun decorating!

Kathryn said...

I love your couch. And that Red Chair. Now I have left a comment so you can go to my blob. Oh I mean blog.

becky said... need to take pics so we can see them! with your style and taste, i'm sure it's super cute!