Monday, April 30, 2007

lazy sunday

We enjoyed sunday...

who didn't

we went on a walk to the park
with our primary kids...
so we could enjoy gods creations.

then jon and i went up the canyon
to lay by the river and
to take naps and read books

then to jon's parents
and then to my parents
to eat delicious salad and veggies

i love sundays

and the other day... i made these
for my friend amy.
it was fun


Chelsea Anne said...

You forgot to mention that your husband gave a super talk--at least I thought so.

nicole said...

You two looked so cute riding off under the sun in your scooter on this lovely sunday. We were at the park too, sad to not have seen you! I love your onesies (sp?) I'll see you tomorrow at your shop....

nie nie said...

i really likie the onesies

BillieJean said...

those are really cute shelby! way to go, she will love them. Lets get together soon for our sewing party.