Friday, June 8, 2007

home sweet home

i also recieved this in the mail this week...
i was sooo excited because it was on back order until july 30.
so i was not expecting it...
and the best part-- it fits just right.
out with the old in with the new.
(except i believe in re-using-so this is actually
the first piece of new furniture i have bought
rather then reupholstering an oldie)
i had the hardest time deciding on a couch...
i will post pictures of it in my living room
with all the cute pillows on it.


Suzanne said...

Oh so lovely!

jill said...

I love it! That is going to look perfect in your living room! Can't wait to see it.

becky said...

can't wait to see the pics of your house, i'm sure it's so cute! what a great piece of furniture too!