Monday, June 11, 2007

RENTAL cars and a funny honey

we are in california at L.A. market week.
we rented a car... we got a pt cruiser.
jon doesn't so much care for them.
i don't mind.
it is a black one... so it looks a little sporty.
anyhow. we didn't get the insurance. after having it for
two hours... someone hit it- and didn't leave a note.
a real jerk.
we sort of thought it was funny. but also funny nervous- we were.
we thought we would try to pull out the dent.
but..turns out the credit card company covers the deductible and
our insurance covers the rest.
so we were glad we didn't sweat it.
but tonight...(don't worry no more dents)
i turned to jon and said.. doesn't it just make you
a lot less nervous to run into cars now that
we already are covered and with dents.??..
he really wanted to purposefully run into things
i told him he could
he didn't
he pretended.
and then chose to abuse the e-brake.
it was so funny...and fun.
so..we are staying at a pretty swanky boutique hotel..
and we screeched around the corner.. and then
into the hotel valet.
the front desk people as well as the bell man
truly enjoyed the entertainment...probably as well as
my uncontrollable laughter..
(i don't believe in treating rental cars badly.. but you know.. it was real fun.)


nicole said...

dan loves this story.

j+s said...

he would..