Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yo Ga

so.. most of us know that i teach yoga.
i taught a restorative class tonight. i love teaching
that class. people are so nice and grateful.
so now it is on the brain... i thought i would write some thoughts.
i have been practicing yoga since i was 18.
now i am 27.
i can't believe i have been doing it for almost 10 years.
but it is something.. that once you bring it into your life...
it becomes something you continue.
i know i will age with grace because of it.
my body will continue to stay flexible and "strong" (who knows)
and mostly my mind. that is where i see the most benefit.
i love yoga.
sometimes i hate yoga.
i sometimes only do yoga once a week.
i am happy and proud when i do it 6 times a week.
because it helps me to be shelby. i feel more peace.
we hear all this mumbo jumbo about it.
like it brings peace.
but it does. and sometimes it brings sadness. and sometimes judgement.
and blah blah.
because it helps you become quiet and more connected. and sometimes
that is what i feel.
and because i feel real. i feel peace.
pretty cool.
sounds like i am promoting the studio.
well.. i guess i am.
because not only do i want you to feel good...
it just is good.
so that's yoga for me.. at least today.

for more info go here.


jill said...

You are my favorite yoga teacher! I especially love when you stick lavender up my nose when I least expect it. Thanks for motivating me to get started. Which reminds me, I think my contract is almost up. Time flies when you are yogatizing.

j+s said...

well... you are pretty.

Anonymous said...

I've never done yoga but I think you've just inspired me to start. Thank you!

Morgan said...

i am not an "offcial blogger" but HEllo Shelbs!!!!!
i miss you, and i totally honor the peace within you! :)

j+s said...

where are you.
are you a lepar???
do you have a blog??
NAMASTE to you