Friday, November 21, 2008

The New Hog

Shelby looks freakin radical on my new tee-dub. She's a magician with that clutch too... she 's thinking of making it her's! It's hard to say no when she looks so bitchin on it. Look at the speed she is carrying into this parking spot... holy crap!:
Owen always makes sure we check our blind spot:

We tell Owen how cute he is so much that now all he wants to do is stare at himself in the mirror... he found a mirror:

You can tell by Owens face here that he LOVES riding the motorcycle:Post-ride hugs:
Shelby hates this photo but I think it to be very funny... Shelbs, we all know you are totally hot:


jill said...

I'm going to call the cops on you Jon. I swear not putting a helmet on Owen while riding that hog is illegal.

Sarah and Cam said...

I finally was able to access your blog from China. O is so dang handsome. I can't believe how big he's getting. I miss you like crazy!!

Morgan said...

hot mama!