Sunday, November 16, 2008


owen is close to walking... by close i mean... 3 steps on his own.
although who knows how long it will take for him to really take off.
he has always been a mover. loves to see and touch everything.
i can't believe how fun he is. he is getting more funny each day.
(it's almost like he knows he is a riot)
also-we do put clothes on him... he just doesn't really enjoy it.
and a shout out for jon's muscles. he is hot.

i think owen should have this hoody. he would look so dang cute.

i also think he should get this car shirt. i told him i was into it. hope he decides to get it.

well.. life is good.
i watched slutty housewives tonight. got all depressed and decided to finish the night off with "the office". felt better.
why do i watch desperate housewives? addicted... it isn't good. i just want to see how all their lives are going. silly. or really stupid.


Suzanne said...

Oh you always make me laugh Shelby!
Little Owen is still so adorable.
I can't believe he is almost walking, crazy! I think he should buys those items as well, he would look super hot.

The Betitas said...

Wow! Walking!!! That is such an accomplishment. I don't think we accomplish many things more monumental than walking, in our whole lives! Yeah Owen!!
p.s. We love the Office too. So much. LOVE IT! If Tim is in bad mood, all I have to do is turn it on and tadaah, everything is better!

Spencer said...

Seriously. If i get another naked picture of Jon in my inbox, I'm getting on the next plane and flying home to you. You can take that for better or worse.

jill said...

I can't believe he is almost walking at like 8 months?! When is he going to start teaching yoga? Maybe around 10 months? You know its never too early :)

Love the clothes, I think Owen should definitely buy them.

nicole said...

oh the angle of that photo made me miss our home a few doors down. Owen couldn't be cuter and Jon's muscles couldn't be bigger. :)

I can not believe how old Owen is.... it goes by so fast! He is so handsome that son of yours.

Micah Rae said...

He is just too cute. And Shelb I miss you- I wish we were closer.

Love you

Chelsea Anne said...

Has he even crawled yet?

jarv said...

I think Owen will pick the right tops his parents are pretty fashionable. Grandma Candy said he was wearing a Patagonia vest and jeans and looked so cute. I want to see pictures of him in it. Stick to the office and save your addictions for the Bachelor!

sarah marie. said...

he is so advanced! the other day when i was talking to him he was telling me about the atom. call me please so we can at least be bored together.