Wednesday, June 13, 2007

riding my bike

today i don't want to ride my bike.
today i want to want to ride my bike.
i thought this summer i would ride 50 miles on my mountain bike.
i could do 50 miles on the road.
but pure single track... man.
so i thougt i would go with the challenge.
so far... so so.

also i need to go grocery shopping.
we just got back from L.A. market and there is no food.
i like to have a stocked kitchen.
it is fun to see what people have in their fridge.
there are usually some staples.

like we always have... stoneyfield farms vanilla yogurt
homemade jam
lots of cheese... mainly tilamook and havarti.
milk.. rice milk..
chocolate syrup
not too exciting... and grocery shopping isn't either. except i love going.

anyways that is what i am up to today.


Suzanne said...

I love your great posts! You can always put a smile on my face with your funny thoughts!

nicole said...

I am a tillamook girl too, and havarti is my favorite cheese, except i am a label whore when it comes to havarti, it has to be boars head. found at your local grocer harmons.

jill said...

I wish I loved to go grocery shopping, but I dont. I actually hate it. That is probably why our fridge is always empty and if there does happen to be something in there, its usually cheese. But nothing fancy. Just plain old mozerella and cheddar blend.

Fisher Family said...

shelby, you're going to think i' m crazy, but somehow I randomly came upon your blog. You are so cute and look as beautiful as always! We need to get back in touch! I miss our great times at Sundance!!!

Love, Lindsey

j+s said...

i am so glad you found my blog.
i tried to click on your name to get on yours...but it wouldn't let me. what is your blog address??

Fisher Family said... is we need to chat and chatch in the world am i going to get your number over this thing?? :)